Rapid test with saliva swab

Covid19 Antigen Rapid Test with Saliva Swab

The advantages of the Covid19 Rapid Antigen Test with Saliva Swab

  • High reliability due to saliva swab
  • Simplest execution
  • Easy handling without additional analysis system
  • Rapid test result in 10 minutes
  • Pain- and anxiety-free sample collection
  • More safety for testers

How does the Corona test with saliva swab work?

1. sampling

2. saliva collector after sampling
(blue staining)
3. insert saliva collector into test kit

Corona quick test, test, procedure, method
  1. Remove the test cassette from the sealed foil pouch and lay the test cassette flat on the table
  1. Insert the saliva collector with the sponge side down into the holder of the cassette intended for the test and then press it down until it clicks into place. (See illustration). The hump at the end of the saliva collector fits exactly into the hole in the rear area of the holder
  2. When the test starts working, a colored line moves across the result window in the center of the test.
  3. Read the result only after 10 minutes | Less than 10 minutes could lead to a false negative result; more than 10 minutes could lead to a false positive result

Saliva swab explanation video

Wie sieht das Ergebnis des Corona-Tests aus?

Test result saliva test

The result appears on the test strip: Two dashes indicate a positive test result, one dash means that the test result is negative. The test result is invalid if no dash is visible.

The result is positive

If the result is positive and the control line in the test kit as well as the test line clearly indicates, you should contact the nearest medical facility as recommended by the local authorities. The test result may be double-checked and the authority or facility will explain what the next steps are.

The result is negative

If the test kit only clearly shows the control line, this may mean that you are negative or that the viral load is too low to be detected. If you still experience symptoms, such as

  • Headache,
  • fever,
  • migraine,
  • loss of sense of smell or taste
  • sense of taste, etc.,

then please consult your family doctor or the nearest health facility according to the recommendations of the local authorities. If you are not sure, then repeat the test.

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